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Arnox Sticker Pack 1

£2.50 GBP

Arnox 1st Sticker Pack

Collection of digital printed vinyl stickers from the first two Arnox Zine's in various vinyl types & sizes.

(As pictured)

(From Arnox Zine 1)
1 x 'Default' Self-destructive high-tack eggshell vinyl sticker (writable on with paint marker) - 13x6cm
1 x 'Hope' Satin matte vinyl sticker - 4x4.5cm

(From Arnox Zine 2)
1 x 'Sk8 Club' Holographic vinyl sticker - 7.3x2cm
1 x 'Ruler' Brushed alloy vinyl sticker - 11x2.2cm

2 x 'OG' Holographic vinyl sticker 2.3x5cm ea.

If ordered without a Zine, packaged in an extra Riso printed A5 envelope from Arnox Zine 1 or 2.